This article could also be titled: Privilege, Hypocrisy, and Exclusion. Whether you agree with a woman’s right to abortion or not, the diversity, equity, and inclusion factors stare you right in the face.

First of all, the socio- economic diversity factor differential is undeniable.  People whose income is at a lower economic level will not have the financial options that economically privileged people have had access to their entire lives. These options include  private doctors, traveling to foreign countries for health care, and going to the top of the list for health needs because “you know someone” who can help get you there. Roe V. Wade attempts to equalize that inequity.

 The list of people that tip the equity scale in their own favor includes our own U S Senator Rand Paul who went to Toronto, Canada for a hernia operation and paid out of pocket for all services. There is already a template for economically wealthy people to get access to any health care they need and/or desire. Those are  privileges they have enjoyed for years and will still have available to them even if Roe V. Wade gets overturned.

One’s zip code is another stark factor in the equity of healthcare. The quality of health care options in this country are heavily impacted  by where you live and the healthcare facilities that are located near you. That has been researched and proven over and over again- with little to no avail. If Roe V.  Wade gets overturned, even the minimal support for women’s choices and support  regarding unwanted (for whatever reason) pregnancies will disappear.

Exclusion will rear its ugly head but the financially wealthy will meet it head on, as it has for so many years, by funding other options for themselves and those that they love. For example, it is well known but never discussed that financially wealthy daughters and wives connected with wealthy powerful men in the Beltway can exercise the option of going to Puerto Rico for a weekend to “take care of an unfortunate situation” (pregnancy). That is not an option for most. Roe V. Wade tried to lessen that gap and without it, the exclusion will be even more blatant.

Image by jessica45 from Pixabay